Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Restrictions and Freedom

"Taos Door" and photo of real door
10x12, acrylic on canvas, Judith, 08

A Mid-summer hello!
I promise I'm not lazy, since it's been 2 months from my last post~ just restricted. You know how it is, you get so busy that some things have to go to the bottom of the do-to list like fun blogs and dust bunnies. I've had some big
free-lance writing jobs plus the little studio I rent out is being vacated, so I'm converting it into a vacation rental (let me know if you're coming to Taos & I'd be happy to rent it to you), and that means a bit of re-decorating.
As I mentioned in my newsletter (if you're not on my newsletter list, do e-mail me & I'll put you on) I've felt a bit restricted in my creativity. Like the men in the film "Shakespeare Behind Bars" one gets bound by one's circumstances, and forgets that that new wildflower seed one sowed last autumn is now in full bloom or that the noise in one's ear is the hum of a hummingbird seeking the flowers one planted in hope two years ago. The prisoners, in the maximum security prison, can't get out, but they transform their lives by putting on Shakespeare's play "The Tempest." They see the prison as an island, and they see parallels to their own lives in the characters cast on an island after a tempest at sea. It is redemption at its most creative.
Our daily lives are also like an island with little and large restrictions and boundaries, yet we can fly beyond them in our creativity. The door I just finished painting would have been a huge restriction if I had painted like I see it when I pass it several times a week. Yet, it was freedom to paint it in an expressionistic, symbolic way. My need to earn my daily bread can drive me nuts sometimes, yet my freedom is in the wildflowers, my studio, and my friends and family. The daring to have cretive fun/joy in life is what it's all about. One friend even took me flying & had me operate the joy stick during take-off. Now that is exciting freedom!!!!
My Berkeley workshop is looking like it's going to take-off on Sept. 13th! E-mail me for more details if you think you can join us by the Bay!( nasse@kitcarson.net )
Do have a freely, creative summer for yourself