Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Biggest Hurdle

We all have an area of our creativity that is our biggest hurdle. For some it's the plot, for others it's the daily discipline, for yet others it's the self-doubt about the rendition, and for yet others it's the facing the blank page, canvas, stage, or musical score. My hurdle is putting my work out there whether it's a piece of art or a piece of my book. Last week I did get brave & sent a couple of my paintings to the SCBWI-NM (Society of Children's Writers & Illustrators) newsletter. They were graciously received. This week I have to do a reading from my novel to my writing group. After that, in the autumn, it's sending pitches & query letters.
Oh, my! The only way I can get through it is one little step at a time. Yesterday I received inspirational help when John Dillon & Viv Nesbitt came to the bookshop for a multi-media presentation of John's wonderful
new book about the creative life, The 20-20 Creative Solution. John shared that he used to be ultra shy, and now he sings on their syndicated radio show "Art of the Song" as well as in concerts! My on-line writing community on is also committed to help each of us. Maybe soon I'll be able to pitch my own work as well as I can pitch John's book here, our book signings at the store, or others' books and art!
What is your biggest hurdle, and what kind of support do you find to help you jump over it with ease?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

When we can celebrate!

Yesterday the illustrators from SCBWI-NM (Society of Childrens' Writer's & Illustrators-New Mexico) met at Lois Bradley's studio in Albuquerque. Lois' illustrations for the award-winning picture book Blind Tom were the featured topic as Lois took us through her process from winning the illustration commission to the final reward of seeing her book in print. For those not familiar with the, sometimes grueling, always gratifying process of creativity, no matter the media, note that it takes diligence, discipline, sometimes bleary eyes, and lazy dust-bunnies to get the final song, dance, painting, or book out there. The trick is to love it with a passion, to go step by step as Lois did, and then celebrate when your piece is published, sold, or performed. Do look for Blind Tom in the childrens' section of your favorite independent book shop! Blind Tom was a famous blind horse in his time who helped build the Transcontinental Railroad commissioned by President Lincoln. Enjoy & keep on with your wonderful creativity.