Thursday, June 17, 2010

Build It and They Will Come ~ Eventually!

Mountain Bluebird
stock photo

Two years ago I put up a bluebird nesting box in my yard. No birds came, and no birds came. A couple of days ago, I was watering and a bird whizzed by & went into the nesting box. All I could catch was a glimpse of brownish colouring and wings whirring. I could see straw sticking out of the wee round hold and was happy that I finally have a bird tenant! I haven't seen her since, and now am beginning to wonder if she was an illusion. I don't think so as I have plenty of blackbirds nesting in my eaves. Is she a bluebird, sparrow, or some other bird? I'll let you know when I see her again. Her nesting renews my faith that whatever we truly wish for, from our deepest being, will eventually find its way to us. Since I last wrote I have dived deeply into my art and writing. My creativity is something I wish so hard for over 20 years ago when I first discovered I had a creative gold vein, un-mined, deep within. Now, it's coming fully into being, fully into the core of who I am! Like the bird now nesting, it has been worth the wait along the road of learning and practice. What is your inner gold mine?