Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dreaming and Daring

Blue Lizard, ink on wood, 3x2, April 2010
Judith Nasse

More often than not for me, my art pushes me beyond myself, beyond who I am as a person and an artist. It's helping me become slowly, so slowly become the person who I have always dreamed of being. And sometimes, it's tough going, even downright painful. Like the lizard who loses part of its tail and has to wait for it to re-grow, keeping his balance as best he can in the meantime. Most challenging for me is to put my art out into the world. This month I had two pieces featured in the NM SCBWI newsletter! And in my Book Writing World forum, I'm practicing out-loud the pitch that I will use in a query letter to agents for my book. I'd rather write or paint than do the marketing. Yet, I'm daring to put myself out there a little bit more. As much as we dream our dreams, we have to dare to put them in action! What is your challenge and action for this week?

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